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Accra, Ghana. February 15, 2013 – Jogobu Ltd Partner Brainloop, the leading providers of solutions for enterprise-wide collaboration on confidential information and documents, today announced that they have carried out a survey of IT decision makers across multiple industries to find out how relevant document protection is to them. The survey shows that the number one requirement for the solutions they implement is ease of use. This confirms that Jogobu and Brainloop have adopted the right strategy.Survey respondents said that document security is very important (84%) or important (15%) to them. Only 1% of those surveyed considered that document security was not important.

Survey respondents said that document security is very important (84%) or important (15%) to them. Only 1% of those surveyed considered that document security was not important.

Asked whether their company has policies in place to govern how people handle confidential documents, 70% of the respondents say it does. However as many as 30% say they have not established any policies. Given that 99% of the companies consider document security as very important or important, there is a need for many companies to do more in this field.

For 67% of the respondents, the company would suffer severe (49%) or disastrous (18%) consequences from the breach of confidential documents. This highlights the immediate threat to a business from the loss of internal expertise. This roughly corresponds with the number of organizations that have implemented corporate policies (70%). In contrast, 29% believe the consequences of losing confidential documents would be moderate and just 4% as negligible.

Asked about the features they require in software solutions to protect confidential documents, most companies (79%) say that ease of use is decisive. In addition, 63% of the respondents say that it is important to be able to implement document security rules within the solution and 61% cite a high level of security with the most stringent security standards.


Partnership Deal ACCORD DE PARTENARIAT Mar 13, 2014

ACCRA March 21 – Jogobu Ltd, Africa leading innovative business solution provider in digital records management has signed a partnership deal with Brainloop AG in Munich, Germany. Brainloop is the leading provider of Document Compliance Management solutions for highly secure and compliant collaboration on confidential documents. The partnership was signed early last year and Jogobu Ltd has participated in Brainloop’s partner training program. Jogobu Ltd is an authorized Partner of Brainloop AG for the Netherlands, Belgium and Sub-Saharan countries in Africa.

It is our privilege to partner with Brainloop AG, the world leader in online secure collaboration and compliance solution provider,” says Blaise Kudatugu, Chief Executive Officer of Jogobu Limited. Brainloop's web based solution automatically manages security and compliance, allowing highly confidential documents to be easily edited and distributed inside and outside the corporate network. Encryption and operator shielding protect all documents from insider threat and external attacks, providing a highly secure collaboration framework. 
The solution enables the complete transparency and auditability of all accesses and changes to documents, supporting corporate and regulatory compliance directives. Frequent uses include contract negotiations, collecting data and writing up quarterly reports, and any other communication that contains confidential information.
“Brainloop’s customers use the Brainloop Solution to fulfil key risk management and compliance requirements for board and executive meetings, and for legal and financial projects. The solution is ideal in any other situation where confidential documents need to be made available to authorized users both within and outside the firewall. With increasing globalization, it is crucial to ensure that confidential data is well protected. Users need to access key information anytime and wherever they may be, and collaborate online with people from other companies and in different countries. In this century, companies close most important deals and take key decisions online and to support these trends, our partner Brainloop provides the most sophisticated virtual platform available on the market today,” says Blaise Kudatugu.


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