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School Portal

School Portal System, Do You Need Anything Else?
School Portal

Education is mostly characterized with lots of paper work right from admissions to graduation. Managing schools information and proper keeping of this information makes the work tedious for students, teachers and schools management alike. Aside the problems of loss of vital information, waste of time on marking and recordings and inaccessibility of information on students’ performance and conduct by parents and stakeholders, schools pay huge amount of money to post results, letters, and other important documents to parents and stakeholders. Some schools which cannot afford these bills tend to give these documents to the students who end up misplacing them and or altering especially, the financial and students reports to unsuspecting parents who end up getting the wrong or no information at all.


School Management System is a complete school information management solution which covers all aspects of the school information management. It is easy to use with minimal or no training, provides features for backups to guard against loss of vital information and caters for students, teachers, schools management, parents and other stakeholders. It can also be customized to meet the needs of different schools for different purposes.

Jogobu School Portal offers the following features and benefits below:
  • Manages all school information in one integrated, real-time database:
- Student, family and staff demographics and information
- Medical records
- Courses and classes
  • Supports admissions, enrolment and scheduling processes
  • Performs billing and tuition management
  • Students viewing/ printing their results, grades and transcripts anywhere at anytime
  • Instant notification message if a lecture is cancelled
  • Offers reporting with pre-defined reports and create-a-report capabilities
  • Includes extensive security and password protection for granting rights to information
  • Allows users to send emails with one click without looking up email addresses
  • Automatically provides group email lists by class, homeroom, grade, entire school, without someone manually building and maintaining the lists
  • Provides ability to attach documents to email, such as school calendar, newsletter, bulletins, progress reports, and many others.

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