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Health information technology (health IT) has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency of the health sector by helping providers manage information. It could also improve the quality of health care and, ultimately, the outcomes of that care for patients.
The term “health IT” generally refers to computer applications for the practice of medicine. Those applications may include computerized entry systems for physicians’ ordering of tests or medications, support systems for clinical decision making, and electronic prescribing of medications.
Some or all of those components are housed in the Jogobu Hosys. Jogobu Hosys is a primary health IT package. It is an electronic medical record system with the capacity to send and receive data electronically and meets the requirements for interoperability.
When used effectively, Jogobu Hosys can enable providers to deliver health care more efficiently. For example, they can:
  • Eliminate the use of medical transcription and allow a physician to enter notes about a patient’s condition and care directly into a computerized record
  • Eliminate or substantially reduce the need to physically pull medical charts from office files for patients’ visits
  • Prompt providers to prescribe generic medicines instead of more costly brand-name drugs; and reduce the duplication of diagnostic tests.
  • The adoption and proper use of Jogobu Hosys could also improve the quality of health care.
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