Software Development

We develop software with an emphasis on web-based applications (both Internet and Intranet). We program using the latest Open source tools and Microsoft technologies including the current .NET frameworks as well as the support and maintenance of legacy COM and ASP environments.
We use the latest software development tools to provide solutions to the unique problems that businesses face on a daily basis.
Programming services from Jogobu can be broken down into two general categories. Web or Internet Programming and Custom programming.
Web and Internet Programming:
Your corporate presence on the World Wide Web is your calling card to the rest of the world. Sometimes your presence can be as simple as a website with a few pages or it can be as complicated as a full blown web portal that is accessible to your offsite employees.
When successfully done, internet programming allows your online presence to be viewed as you intended by your audience, regardless of the web browser used.
Custom Programming:
Custom programming addresses the needs of many businesses directly by conforming to the way that they do business and not the other way around.
A custom program can entirely replace the need for a store bought program or be as simple as an add-on program to an existing application that enables the company more flexibility and accentuates current business practices that are already in place.
The benefit here for many companies is that, since the custom program is designed around the business model of the company, no restructure of business process takes place. In short, there is no huge “re-learning” of steps or processes due to an entirely new suite of programs being introduced that come with a new application purchase.